NetSystems Helps Health Care Provider Meet Practice Challenges


  • Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care services
  • Access to clinical systems that facilitate or provide input into the care process
  • Need for administrative, financial, and operational systems that facilitate billing, accounting, and other administrative tasks
  • Secure and reliable infrastructure that supports both the administrative and clinical applications
  • Bridge the geographic and distance barrier between widely spread out satellite practices
  • Maximize technology use while minimizing costs


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  • Offices securely connected via Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • A stable network environment which supports clinical, accounting and administrative requirements – while allowing for future expansion
  • Use Terminal Services to maximize hardware utilization and keep connectivity costs to a minimum
  • Prompt customer service and support
  • 24/7 system monitoring

Southwest Georgia Health Care is a non-profit, private organization, which provides comprehensive primary health care to the communities of southwest and middle Georgia through its 12 medical, family practice, pediatrics, urgent care, and dental centers. Technology has changed the way that medical practices operate over the past ten years, and smart practices like Southwest Georgia Health Care have learned to adapt to become more efficient and provide a more favorable experience for their patients. After an initial consultation, NetSystems recommended a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) environment that utilizes terminal services. Built on a Microsoft ™ operating platform, this approach allows the remote offices to securely access the necessary clinical, accounting and administrative information which is stored on servers centrally located at Southwest Georgia Health Care’s main office facility. In addition, the “thin-client” design minimizes expenses for hardware, network maintenance and internet service costs.

Moreover, NetSystems provides 24/7 monitoring of the practice’s office network, handles system upgrades and updates as needed, and offers Remote Help Desk service and full vendor management. The company has even provided a Disaster Recovery Plan to avoid catastrophic loss of vital information should the unexpected happen. Service interruptions have been rare, but NetSystems responds quickly when they do to reduce downtime and return the agency to full operation. With the total network support provided by NetSystems, the practice doesn’t have to worry about computers or the company servers going down, they can focus on what they do best – providing excellent health care services to their patients.

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