NetSystems Helps Legal Firm Meet IT Needs


  • Provide secure, stable network that will grow with the firm
  • Share resources for applications, documents and printing with geographically separate offices.
  • Email is critical to the firm
  • Need prompt customer service – network and application support is critical to day to day operations


  • Contact NetSystems


  • A stable, secure wide-area network utilizing Microsoft ™ Operating systems and Cisco ™ VPN (virtual private networking) hardware that allows users to share necessary resources regardless of which physical office in which they work.
  • Firm hosts it’s email internally
  • Hardware utilization is maximized and connectivity costs minimized between the four offices.
  • Prompt customer service and support – especially in an emergency!
  • 24/7 system monitoring

For over 21 years, Meacham, Earley, Fowler & Andress have provided superior legal advice and representation to the communities in the Chattahoochee Valley and surrounding communities. The firm’s attorneys have extensive legal knowledge and litigation experience in a wide variety of areas including: Real Estate Law, Business Law and Transactions, Corporate Law, General Civil Litigation, Collection, Bankruptcy, Creditor's Rights, Wills, Trusts, Administration of Estates, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Adoption, and Employment Law

The firm initially contacted NetSystems during an emergency in which critical IT services were unavailable. The support team at NetSystems arrived on-site promptly and was able to quickly diagnose the problem and return those services to a state in which they could be utilized. Subsequently, NetSystems was asked to review the firm’s existing systems and processes and make recommendations based on that review.

After the review, NetSystems recommended a comprehensive course of action that addressed the critical needs of the firm including – document security/availability, intra-office access to those documents, printing, email reliability and data backups.

Where necessary to meet the business needs of the firm, NetSystems assisted in acquisition of hardware and software solutions from appropriate vendors.

The end result was a network that connected the four corporate offices together for seamless client services. Users can access the documents, printers and other resources from any of the offices. Security is managed using virtual private networking (VPN), and costs for hardware have been minimized by making use of existing hardware with “thin-client” computing. This same technology has minimized the costs associated with the connecting the four offices together. Email was brought in-house and with Microsoft’s Exchange Server ™ the firm not only has the email they need, but can share contacts and calendar items as well – improving team and client communications.

Further, NetSystems also provides 24/7 monitoring of the firm’s office network, handles system upgrades and updates as needed, offers Remote Help Desk service and full vendor management. The company has provided a Disaster Recovery Plan to avoid catastrophic loss of vital information should the unexpected happen. Service interruptions have been rare, but NetSystems responds promptly when they do to reduce downtime and restore the firm to full operation.

Given the total network support provided by NetSystems, the firm no longer worries about computer or network problems rather they can continue to focus on providing their clients with the excellent legal services they deserve.

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