NetSystems Helps Hospitality Provider Meet Client Needs


  • Provide a secure business network – wired and external wireless bridge to outside locations of the facility
  • Provide wireless access to members and guests
  • Support for line of business applications
  • Need prompt customer service and support


  • Contact NetSystems


  • Provided a secured business network using Microsoft ™ Small Business Sever
  • Extended business network via external wireless bridges to support areas for the clubhouse, golf maintenance, pool and tennis courts.
  • Established guest wireless access
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Prompt support for network and users

Green Island Country Club, a private family-oriented club, in Columbus, Georgia works very hard at providing its members with a true “southern hospitality” experience. Whether golf, tennis, swimming or fine dining the Club always goes the extra-mile to provide for members an atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy a pleasant, safe and secure environment.

This means that the Club has unique challenges relative to their information technology needs. Within the club itself the network must provide a stable secure environment for the day to day business operations. In addition to the office network, guests have needs for wireless internet access in various rooms throughout the building. Extensions of the main building – at golf maintenance, the pool, and the tennis courts need both access to the business network and wireless internet access for the guests.

NetSystems was able to help Green Island Country Club meet these challenges. Using a network built on Windows ™ Small Business Server technology; NetSystems was able to create a stable working environment for the “business” portion of the Club’s operations – the business office, the pro shops, dining facilities and meeting rooms. By establishing secure external wireless communications on the golf course, the tennis courts and the swimming pool the network was extended to meet the needs of Club and guests alike.

NetSystems also provides 24/7 monitoring of the Club’s network, manages system upgrades and updates as needed, and offers Remote Help Desk service. The company has even provided a Disaster Recovery Plan to avoid catastrophic loss of vital information should the unexpected happen. Service interruptions have been rare, but the Club can count on NetSystems to respond quickly when they do to reduce downtime and return the facility to full operation.

With the support provided by NetSystems, the Club doesn’t have to worry about computers or the server going down, they can focus on what they do best – providing excellent services to their clients.

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